The Romans, who literally stuck huge blocks of stone in the road to measure distances, were the first to use milestones. The Romans were also fond of raping and pillaging, so they are not my favorite role models when it comes to historic achievements.

Nevertheless, the end of May and the beginning of June mark some important personal and business milestones for Pushkin PR and me. In June, I will celebrate 15 years since I started Pushkin Public Relations in the spare room of my home on South High Street. On a personal level, my wife and I are moving out of that High Street home after 15 years into a new home in another old Denver neighborhood. 

Coincidentally, our moving day is May 31, the day my father passed away 21 years ago in 1991. And this Memorial Day weekend, the Denver Folklore Center celebrates its 50th anniversary. For me and many other transplanted folk singers, the DFC was my first Denver home, my first Denver family, and a major influence on my life.

Each of these milestones brings back a lot of memories and brings up a lot of emotions.  Deciding how to recognize them and putting their meaning in perspective is not easy. Should I be celebrating? Reflecting? Choosing a meaningful way to honor the occasion? Or do I just sit back and say wow?

Like other Denver public relations pros, Pushkin PR helps clients recognize milestones all the time. Groundbreakings. Ribbon cuttings. Grand openings. Anniversaries. New leadership.  Retirements. Mergers. Major achievements.  We mark these events with stones in the road, then we document them through social media, traditional media, video and written word to communicate why they are significant to the audiences our clients want to reach.  Deciding how to recognize these moments for our own business is another story. How should Pushkin PR celebrate 15 years in business? Should we throw a party? Donate services to a nonprofit? Just sit back and say wow?

I find myself struggling with those questions as well as with the personal milestones coming at me all at once this month. I’m looking for clear answers but I’m not easily finding them.

Last week my sister told me that my nephew was getting engaged. Just what I need, another milestone to reflect on.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for him. I’m also thinking about how happy my parents would be at this news and wondering how so much time went by so fast. 

Whether we are facing business or personal milestones, the way we choose to recognize them says a lot about our individual culture and values. We should make those decisions in a thoughtful way so that their true meaning will be apparent to all who pass our stones in the road.