It’s been another long year. We’ve seen a bitter election fight, an economy struggling to recover in stops and starts, and a series of horrific mass murders committed by unbalanced people with easy access to assault weapons. In 2012, to quote Jack Kerouac, “smart went crazy.” Was it a tipping point? We can only hope.

We heard a lot of talk about uncertainty in 2012. It was uncertainty about the election, uncertainty about health reform, uncertainty about the economy. All of it used as a rationale to sit on the sidelines waiting to see how things turned out. Now the election is over, health reform is here to stay, and the economy is beginning to recover. We even survived the Mayan apocalypse. But still nobody is moving.

Now we have a new reason to hesitate. The fiscal cliff is looming. We can’t plan, we can’t hire, we can’t move. The children in Congress remain in their corner pouting and once more, uncertainty keeps us frozen in place.

Enough! No more excuses! It’s time we realized that the only thing keeping us from innovating and hiring again is the lame excuse that we have no idea what the future will bring. When did we become so afraid of risk? Financial institutions are sitting on huge piles of cash waiting for clarity. If they want clarity, let them try lending again. Let businesses try growing their companies and workforce again. Let educational institutions, nonprofits and local governments try investing in their communities again.

Denver public relations pros have a responsibility to encourage our clients, employers, colleagues and elected officials to get over their fear of uncertainty and take advantage of the fresh start that the New Year represents. Let’s resolve to look forward, not back. To stay positive and seize opportunities. To remember what is important in life and not worry about what we can’t control. To conduct our business ethically. To never stop learning. To add new clients, develop new strategic partnerships and continue to grow our business.

Here’s to a bright, happy, healthy and prosperous 2013.