By Maribeth Neelis

Cheyenne Frontier Days Marketing Director Nicole Gamst is an east coaster. Well, she used to be. Born in Texas and raised in Boston, the western lifestyle always appealed to her. So in 1999 when Cheyenne Frontier Days called, she packed her bags and headed west, something she always envisioned herself doing.

What drew her to Cheyenne Frontier Days in particular: its celebration of the western lifestyle, heritage and culture.

That, and the fact that she gets to wear many hats.

"I like the variety," she says. "I get to do everything from research to social media to advertising. I get to see the full scope of the marketing function, not just a sliver."

Nicole is pretty much always on call during the event, which runs mid-summer every year. But her  work is cyclical; there's never much downtime, even after the event ends.

Currently, she's outlining the 2014 strategy. In late fall, she will announce the artists for next year and promote them through events and press releases. The winter months are dedicated to developing advertising. In the spring, they shift to executing their strategy, hitting consumers with advertising and web features as they are starting to think about their summer entertainment.

"That's one aspect I enjoy the most," Nicole says, "There is always something new."

She also appreciates the event's historical significance for Cheyenne. "It is a well established event in the community. I get to work with volunteers who have been involved in producing this show for generations."

Come check Cheyenne Frontier Days next year July 18-27, 2014.