According to Hollywood time, we are already well past the fictional movie future we thought we would find by now. Here we are and there are no flying De Loreans, no time traveling, and no space odyssey. Not even any cranky robots to keep us amused.

We are, however, in the midst of a new era of communicating. Web 2.0, or New Media, allows us to communicate and interact in ways that seemed impossible ten years ago. Now we know the instant that something important happens in our world, and within seconds we can participate in a group conversation about how that event impacts our lives.

Another giant step for man is the ability to download coupons right to our phone. Mobile marketing is a great way to reach a young target audience that is comfortable accessing everything it needs on the mobile phone in their pocket. McDonald's and Dunkin Donuts have some great examples of using SMS technology to connect with customers.

At the recent New Media Summit hosted by Metzger Associates in Boulder, Colorado, there was a lot of talk about mobile marketing and social networking applications such as Twitter and Facebook. These social marketing channels make it easier to exchange information and deliver relevant messages to highly targeted audiences.

Twitter is called microblogging because you can post comments like a blog, but the posts have a 140-character limit. You can quickly build networks by tweeting people that follow you, or you can follow influential users yourself. It seems like everyone is using Facebook. Italy has a page and so does BMW, which launches a contest where Facebook users graffiti cars to win a model BWM painted by famous artists like Andy Warhol. Facebook is a great way to build corporate or personal brands and interact with potential clients and customers.

Pushkin Public Relations encourages our clients to realize that the future is now. Learn how Web 2.0 strategies can fit into your overall communications programs. Understand that his is how a new generation of stakeholders and employees is communicating.

We may not have flying cars but we are in a very exciting time when it comes to how we communicate. The world is truly at our fingertips.

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